Sunday, March 7, 2010

Downloads and Product Reviews

For information about the Butterfly brand kerosene stoves, Miles Stair has written many reviews and operating instructions. Miles uses Butterfly kerosene stoves daily in his home and is a world expert on wicks for kerosene lamps, heaters and stoves.

Here are some links where he reviews some of the Butterfly products:

Butterfly #2698 22-wick Kerosene Stove REVIEW and Wick Installation:

Butterfly #2421 Oven REVIEW and Operation:

Butterfly #2418 Double-Burner stove REVIEW and Assembly (also valid for #2413, #2419, #2415, #2416, #2417):

Butterfly #2487 16-wick Kerosene Stove REVIEW:

Butterfly #2641 Entry Level 10-wick Kerosene Stove REVIEW:

Butterfly #2412 Brass Kerosene Pressure Stove REVIEW and Operation:

Butterfly #828 Kerosene Pressure Lantern REVIEW and Operation:

Kerosene Stove Maintenance and Storage: