Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome to St. Paul Mercantile's Blogspot!

Welcome to our new blog. It is brand new as of April 18, 2009. I hope to answer questions about products on my website, as well as matters related to the products I sell.

Ask any question you want and hopefully we can build a body of knowledge here that will be helpful. Over the coming weeks, I will post some answers to frequently asked questions here, and I'll point you to some other websites that have good, relevant information.

My tollfree number is 1-888-395-1164, or you can call me at 301-616-7549.



  1. Are there any "UNSCENTED" Kerosene Substitute Fuel can be used for the "BUTTERFLY #2487, 16 WICK STOVE", for use indoors (e.g. LAMPLIGHT FARMS 60001 ULTRA-PURE "LAMPLIGHT" PARAFFIN LAMP OIL, etc.) ?

  2. Okay, this is obviously not a real active blog but I will post my question anyway. I was looking at the Kozy World Lancaster 3 sided propane/gas fireplace. Can it be used (if you're not counting on the blower) when there is no electricity?

  3. How long does shipping usually take for the water filters?

  4. Schrader Valve with Cap for Pressure Lantern?
    Does this valve also work for a Petromax brand kerosene lantern?