Thursday, December 17, 2009

Announcing KeroStove.Com - new website

If you want to read about kerosene stoves and the #2421 camping oven, a good place to start is our new website, Why a new website? Because we are trying some radio advertising, and stpaulmercantile just isn't conducive to radio advertising. "So Check Out These Stoves at - that's s-t-p-a-u-l-m-e-r-c-a-n-t-i-l-e dot com!" Try remembering that after your drive home from work.

So, I came up with That's K-E-R-O Stove dot com. Simple to remember. Any clicks on the website will redirect you to for actual purchases, but is a one-page website that allows you to quickly compare a various kerosene stoves, prices, sizes, etc.

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